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What Dentistry Procedures Can Benefit from Bone Grafting?

What Dentistry Procedures Can Benefit from Bone Grafting?

Nowadays, dentists like to combine different procedures and techniques to make customized treatment plans for each patient. As a matter of fact, these types of plans are usually more effective and useful, and they are designed based on one’s preferences and needs. Each patient has unique demands, and their conditions are all different. Therefore, it’s significantly important to visit a reliable professional who can meet your needs ideally. At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, our dentists can guide you to find the most suitable solution and achieve your dreamy smile in the easiest and safest method. Among all the different services, bone graft surgery is a procedure used with many other treatments to boost the ultimate results. It’s a surgery in which a professional transplants bone tissue to one’s jawbone in order to make it sufficient and strong. Lack of jawbone density can result from many different causes like periodontal disease, tooth loss, etc. Our professionals offer the best Toronto bone graft surgery with other procedures to help you regain your oral health. Today’s blog explains a few examples where bone grafting can be combined with other dental procedures.

Bridge and Crown Stability: If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your teeth using crowns or bridges, you need to have enough jawbone density. That’s because crowns and dental bridges have mostly relied on the underlying bone structure, and it’s a very important support for them. Our dentists can examine your jawbone condition before offering our Toronto crown services to ensure the results. We also provide you with the best dental bridges in Toronto, and you can be sure you will experience a smooth procedure without any consequences.

Aid after Trauma: Sometimes, you may experience damage or trauma without being prepared for it. In such cases, major injuries can happen to your facial bones, especially your jawbone. These dental traumas can be perfectly managed by our emergency dentists in Toronto because it’s crucial to address them before it gets too late. On such occasions, bone graft surgery can save your facial structure as a part of the reconstruction procedure. It can perfectly restore the function, strength, and structure of your jawbone to keep your face in the best shape and appearance possible.

Dental  Implant Foundation: As you probably know, having enough jawbone amounts is one of the most important qualifications for implant candidates. Otherwise, you can’t receive this dental work. Our Toronto implant dentists can insert these titanium posts successfully, provided that you don’t lack jawbone density. Although other tooth replacement options, like partial dentures, don’t require this qualification, it’s still recommended before replacing your missing teeth.

Natural Teeth Preservation: If your tooth is severely infected or damaged, it may be at risk of extraction. In a few cases, our quality root canal services in Toronto can save such teeth from getting removed. But it’s not effective when the problem is more severe and complicated. That’s why many professionals recommend bone graft surgery if you want to preserve your natural, damaged tooth. This surgery increases your chance of avoiding tooth extraction.

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