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Root Canal Therapy: What Are the Common Myths?

For many people, the term root canal can seem so scary and make them anxious. According to reliable research, most people try to avoid root canal treatment as much as possible as they consider it too complicated and painful. The fact is all of these common beliefs among people aren’t scientifically correct! Many myths and misconceptions about root canal therapy make it significantly scary for most people. Our experienced dentists at Downtown Toronto Dentistry can give you the valid and correct information about this treatment to understand how helpful it can be. Typically, root canal treatment is used by dentists to restore and save a severely infected tooth. Root canal therapy is usually the last option to save a damaged tooth to prevent it from getting extracted. Fortunately, the process of root canal treatment has become much easier compared to before, thanks to the huge dentistry advancements. If you visit a reliable endodontist or emergency dentist, you can be sure you experience smooth, straightforward root canal therapy while you feel the minimum pain possible. Here we list some common myths about this procedure to make you aware of what you will truly experience.

Myth: Root canal therapy can’t get done when your mouth is infected.

As a matter of fact, root canal treatment is the best option for a severely infected tooth. Tooth infection is one of the most common dental emergencies to experience, which you shouldn’t ignore at all. Otherwise, the infection starts to spread into other parts of your body and causes serious health problems.

Myth: Tooth extraction is better than root canal treatment.

Many people believe tooth removal is a better option compared to root canal treatment. After extracting your tooth, replacing it with a tooth implant is necessary to prevent further problems. Generally, getting dental implants is considered an expensive procedure that can cause financial problems. Therefore, it’s more reasonable to save your natural tooth if it’s possible with the help of root canal treatment.

Myth: Root canal therapy damage the root of your tooth.

If you think your endodontist will remove your tooth roots during root canal treatment, you are totally wrong! Your dentist removes the infected part of your tooth, called the pulp, without damaging its root. So, you can cover your tooth with a cosmetic crown later to complete the look of your smile.

Myth: It’s impossible to perform root canal therapy for children.

In some cases, a severely infected baby tooth should be saved by root canal therapy to prevent more serious problems. If your child is older than 10, they can be a candidate for root canal treatment if needed. It’s highly recommended to visit an experienced pediatric dentist for more information and reasons why root canal therapy is necessary for your child.

Myth: My tooth is fixed immediately after root canal therapy.

After the root canal treatment, your tooth receives a temporary filling until the permanent restoration gets prepared. You can choose whether you like crowns or porcelain onlays as a permanent restoration.

You can visit our dentists to ask more questions about this beneficial treatment!