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Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth Without Hesitation

You might be shocked to discover that many people worldwide are currently missing at least one tooth. Losing one or more teeth is considered a serious dental emergency that should be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, many can’t understand the importance of replacing missing teeth and prefer to leave them untreated without being aware of their consequences. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to visit our professionals at Downtown Toronto Dentistry to learn about how not replacing your missing teeth can ruin your beautiful smile and put your health in danger. Causes of tooth loss are usually periodontal disease, infection, trauma, or accidents. In some cases, your emergency dentist will extract your damaged tooth as the only and last option to save other natural teeth. No matter the cause, there are several tooth replacement options to choose from to restore your smile. Here we list important reasons indicating why it’s dangerous to leave your missing teeth untreated.

It can lead to bone loss.

Missing teeth make your jawbone significantly weaker, and it can’t be stimulated anymore. As a result, your body absorbs the jawbone tissue to use elsewhere in your body. It is known as “resorption” and usually occurs six months after missing one or more teeth. In such cases, bone graft surgery is unavoidable if you want to keep your face shape normal and beautiful. Then it’s highly recommended to visit an implant dentist to replace your missing teeth because dental implants are the best option to prevent bone loss.

It can make your mouth less functional.

Enjoying your favorite meal is possible because your teeth are strong enough to chew the food. Once you lose a tooth, you will understand how your speech and chewing abilities are negatively impacted. Therefore, it’s necessary to prevent such problems before it’s too late. It’s highly recommended to visit a professional cosmetic dentist and observe all available tooth replacement options, including partial dentures, implants, and bridges. They can tell you which option will preserve your oral health based on your needs and confidence.

It can make your teeth shift.

Just like wisdom teeth eruption, missing teeth can make your teeth shift and cause tooth misalignment. In order to maintain an even bite, you need to have all your natural teeth healthy in their places. The uneven bite causes a range of dental problems that may force you to undergo costly and time-consuming orthodontic treatments, which can be prevented by replacing your missing teeth.

It makes your smile less beautiful than before.

As humans, we all love to have beautiful, attractive smile with white, pearly teeth. It explains why more and more people visit cosmetic dentists to get porcelain veneers or teeth whitening treatment in order to improve their smiles. So, missing teeth can be a nightmare as they make your smile incomplete, both functionally and aesthetically. It shows how replacing your missing teeth with tooth bridges, implants, or dentures is necessary to feel confident when you smile.

Generally speaking, it’s necessary to replace your missing teeth to maintain the function and appearance of your smile. Don’t waste time; visit our dentists for a detailed consultation.