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If the way your natural teeth look is the reason you feel self-conscious about your smile, a range of cosmetic dentistry techniques are available to assist you. One of these exceptional solutions is an orthodontic treatment commonly recommended to those individuals who suffer from crooked and misaligned teeth. This treatment can help you achieve the healthier and straighter smile you’ve always dreamed of through fixed dental braces or removable Invisalign, however, Invisalign stands out as a widely embraced orthodontic treatment because of several reasons. At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, a team of expert dental professionals strives to use innovative methods and strategies to provide you with world-class Invisalign procedures in Toronto. This blog provides comprehensive information about Invisalign treatment to enhance your understanding of its key aspects.


How Do Invisalign Procedures Straighten Your Over-Crowding Teeth?

Invisalign serves as a modern alternative to traditional dental braces. During this treatment, your orthodontist provides you with a set of transparent aligners to realign your teeth and eliminate the need for applying fixed brackets on your teeth. Our Toronto orthodontist will initially check your condition to determine the severity of your problem. Then, you will receive a tray sequence that gradually shifts your teeth’ position.


Invisalign VS. Teeth Braces

Although conventional dental braces offer numerous benefits to restore severely crooked teeth, people are more interested in enhancing the crooked appearance of their teeth through Invisalign treatments for to following reasons:


Visibility and Comfort


Invisalign is less noticeable than traditional braces. Therefore, it can be the right choice if you feel uncomfortable when others notice the metal appearance of brackets and wires on your teeth. In addition, compared with dental braces, Invisalign aligners cause minimal to no discomfort during use.

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Convenience in Eating

It takes time to get used to dental braces, and patients should follow dietary restrictions to minimize the risk of bracket breakage. On the other hand, Invisalign offers the flexibility to remove aligners during meals, allowing individuals to enjoy their favorite foods throughout treatment.


Ease of Maintenance

Invisalign is removable, making cleaning your teeth and gums easier while people feel difficulties keeping their teeth healthy and clean throughout dental brace treatments. Therefore, they are more prone to experience severe dental issues like tooth infections. However, there’s no reason to worried because our clinic provides pain-free root canal therapy in Toronto to deal with tooth infections most professionally.


How Should I Strat Invisalign Treatments?

Scheduling an appointment to visit a cosmetic dentist is the initial step you should take to improve the crooked appearance of your teeth. This is because mildly misaligned teeth can be easily covered through other options like teeth veneers. Our cosmetic dentist in Toronto has cutting-edge tools to assess your condition and determine whether Toronto dental veneers can address your concerns or if Invisalign treatments would be more appropriate.


Eligible Candidates for Invisalign Procedure

If you’re seeking the best way to address crooked or misaligned teeth without the inconvenience or limitations of traditional braces, Invisalign often serves as the most optimal solution.