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Effective Ways to Repair a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is typically considered a dental emergency or trauma that should be immediately treated. Your beautiful smile is valuable as it makes you a confident person who can talk or laugh without feeling ashamed of their look of teeth. Unfortunately, many people feel shy when they smile because of their crooked, chipped, or stained teeth. A broken tooth, especially in front, can ruin your flawless smile and make you feel uncomfortable smiling. Fortunately, our experienced dentists at Downtown Toronto Dentistry can offer you the highest quality of restorative dental care services to repair your broken tooth and regain your smile’s shine. Hard foods, accidents, sports injuries, and decay are some of the causes of broken teeth. In recent years, developments in restorative dentistry have allowed dentists to repair your damaged tooth in the best way possible. A broken tooth can be repaired quickly and effectively by visiting a dentist who is qualified and reputable. Here are some popular options to fix a broken tooth.

Dental veneers: An excellent restorative and cosmetic dental option, they are thin, tooth-colored shells that cover the front surface of the teeth. Dental veneers are offered in two types, porcelain, and composite resin, which you should choose based on your needs. If your tooth is slightly broken, a cosmetic veneer helps you hide all tooth imperfections in the best way possible.

Dental fillings: One of the most common methods to address dental emergencies like cavities is dental fillings. If your tooth is decayed, broken, or chipped, your dentist may prefer to use fillings as a temporary restorative material. It’s one of the best and safest ways to repair your decayed tooth.

Dental crowns: One of the most practical tooth restorations dentists use are dental crowns. These amazing caps provide many different benefits and applications. A crown can cover the whole structure of your broken tooth to restore its shape and appearance. They are also used in tooth bridges and dental implant treatments as complementary element. A cosmetic crown offer more protection and coverage than dental veneers, so they are a better option for severely broken teeth. Depending on your needs, you can choose metal, ceramic, or porcelain crowns.

Dental implants: Sometimes, the dentist can’t save your severely broken tooth and has no choice but to extract it. In such cases, your broken tooth will preferably be replaced by a tooth implant to restore your smile. Although you have other options available such as partial dentures or bridges, most dentists recommend dental implants because of their unique advantages. However, you need to visit an implant dentist first to see if you are qualified. Otherwise, you need to undergo additional steps like bone graft surgery to become an ideal candidate.

Root canal: a cracked or chipped tooth can lead to tooth infection if left untreated. In such conditions, root canal therapy is recommended to prevent the infection from spreading and save the tooth.

Generally, a broken tooth is a serious dental trauma, and you should visit your dentist without hesitation. Visit our dentists for more information!