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Dentures in Downtown Toronto​

Are you suffering from lost teeth and looking for professional denture dentists in Toronto? Look no further than Downtown Toronto Dentistry. Missing teeth can make anyone’s life a lot harder. They make it difficult to eat and speak, can lead to bone loss, and adversely affect one’s self-esteem.

That is why at Downtown Toronto Dentistry, we integrate our experience and expertise with utilizing state-of-the-art dental equipment to perform successful dentures in Toronto and the surrounding area. Contact us right now to make a free consultation with our experienced Toronto denture specialists.

Affordable Dentures in Toronto

Here at Downtown Toronto Dentistry, you can find comprehensive denture services in Toronto. We use precision and art to bring natural-looking and comfortable dentures to wear. Our denture specialists in Toronto have years of experience and extensive training on their backs and can deliver one of the best denture services in Toronto.

To know more about denture services or to book a consultation today, you can either give us a call or fill out the patient form below. Besides, our dedicated dental specialist provides other cosmetic and emergency dental treatments such as tooth implants, wisdom teeth extraction, dental crown, root canal therapy, pediatric dentistry, etc.

The Cost of Dentures

The cost of dentures in Toronto depends on various factors such as the chosen denture type, the selected denture clinic, the expertise and experience of the denturist in Toronto, the number of missing teeth, and your oral health status.
At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, our professional team strives to offer affordable dentures and implants. We also provide flexible payment options to help make the cost more manageable.
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Restore Your Smile with Our Top-notch Dentures

Our denture dentists in Toronto do their best to customize dentures that fit your desires and needs. Our quality dentures restore your smile in the perfect way. When you visit us for our advanced dentures in Toronto, you will be in our safe hands until the end of the process, and you will definitely leave our clinic with a big, dazzling smile. Do you want to get back your self-confidence while smiling? Contact us right now. Other tooth replacement options are available in our dental clinic, such as dental bridges and dental implants.

FAQs about Our Advanced dentures in Toronto

As mentioned earlier, missing teeth negatively affect our lives and how we speak and smile. At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, we believe that every Toronto resident deserves a sparkling smile with healthy teeth. As a result, we provide top-of-the-line yet affordable dentures in Toronto for all valued patients suffering from one or more missing teeth. Also, in the following, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions with the help of our Toronto denture dentist. And in case you inquire more information about our Toronto denture treatments and services, you can contact our office. 

There are different tooth replacement options, and when you visit a cosmetic dentist to have your missing teeth replaced, he will examine your oral health and suggest the best treatment considering all influential factors. Any option to be chosen, our dental specialists will try their best to gift you a dream smile with healthy teeth. 

At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, you can find services regarding partial and complete dentures. Our complete dentures, or conventional dentures, are used in case of a complete loss of teeth. But our partial dentures, or bridges, are used when you’re only missing one or a few teeth. By providing modern and advanced dentures in Toronto, we aim to make wearing dentures as comfortable as possible. We use our years of experience, as well as our artistic approach to dentistry, to bring you comfortable, natural-looking, and affordable dentures in downtown Toronto. 

Dentures have drawbacks like impaired speech and eating, gum irritation, poor fit, decreased sense of taste, bone loss, and potential breakage. If you have concerns, consult our denture specialist in Toronto for guidance and solutions.

The life span of these cosmetic dental treatments depends on various factors, such as quality and oral hygiene. Generally, they last 5-10 years before replacement or relining. Periodic maintenance and proper care extend their lifespan. 

Proper denture care is crucial for durability and functionality. As our Toronto denture dentist says, these tips include cleaning daily, protecting dentures from breakage, avoiding excessive force or bending, maintaining shape by soaking in a denture cleaning solution, brushing gums, tongue, and palate, visiting our Toronto dentist regularly, and maintaining oral health. 

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    The Benefits and Considerations

    Dentures are a recommended tooth replacement option for individuals dealing with tooth loss due to not-treated emergency dental issues or other events.
    This cosmetic dental procedure is suitable for patients with multiple missing teeth or those with only a few missing teeth.
    In other words, modern dentures can be applied to both groups as advised by our denture specialists in Toronto.
    Based on your dental condition and the extent of tooth loss, the denturist at Downtown Toronto Dentistry may suggest either partial dentures or complete dentures.

    Dentures can be a valuable choice for individuals seeking effective and accessible tooth replacement options because they can bring numerous worthy benefits that are listed below:


    Improved Smile Top of Form

    Denture services stand out as a cost-effective method for tooth replacement that can rejuvenate your smile and boost your self-esteem. This highly-requested cosmetic dental option has various types, full and partial, to help all individuals who have lost several or even all their natural teeth. 


    Easy Maintenance

    Keeping dentures healthy and clean with proper oral hygiene practices is relatively straightforward. At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, we provide you with practical caring tips after denture treatment in Toronto to ensure your dentures function properly for many years.


    Quick Restoration

    Unlike dental implant procedures that take several months to replace lost teeth, dentures quickly restore the gaps caused by missing teeth. 


    Dentures or Dental Implants

    When comparing dentures and dental implants, it’s important to consult with your cosmetic dentist to determine the most suitable option.
    Dentures are often recommended if you have lost a significant number of teeth or if your jawbone is not strong enough.

    Get Used to Dentures

    It is normal to experience discomfort and pain, particularly while chewing, after getting dentures. However, there is no need to worry as this issue is temporary and will subside over time.
    As emphasized by our experienced denturist in Toronto, it is important to wear dentures daily to become accustomed to them.
    If you find the discomfort excessive, we recommend consulting with our denture expert in Toronto for assistance.

    Effective Techniques for Simply Getting Used to Dentures 

    With the help of our denture expert in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive guide to adjusting your dentures in the shortest time possible: Start with Soft & Liquid Diet  After undergoing denture treatment, numerous individuals have found that incorporating soft, gum-friendly foods into their diet eases the adjustment process. Opt for Small Bites It is advisable to slice your food into small, bite-sized portions that can be comfortably chewed using your back teeth. Avoid Biting Hard Things, Especially with Front Teeth  Using your front teeth to bite into even slightly soft foods may potentially lead to pain & discomfort. Your dentures from the back. It is advisable to refrain from front teeth biting entirely to prevent this inconvenience. Downtown Toronto Dentistry has established itself as a premier provider of dentures in Toronto, renowned for delivering exceptional results. Our expertise extends beyond dentures to encompass other advanced tooth replacement procedures, including teeth implants and teeth bridges. For further information on these transformative solutions, we invite you to contact us right away and book your denture consultation in Toronto.