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Common Dental Emergencies and Their Solutions

Dental emergencies are the most dangerous group of dental problems you should watch. It’s necessary to prevent dental emergencies as much as possible to preserve your oral health and protect the beauty of your smile. However, some dental emergencies still occur unexpectedly, and there is nothing you can do to prevent them. In such cases, you have to control yourself to manage the situation if you want to increase the chance of saving the tooth. Unfortunately, many people get anxious and scared when a dental emergency happens and don’t know how to react. At Downtown Toronto Dentistry, our experienced dentists offer the best emergency dental care services to help patients protect their smiles. Our emergency dentists are always available, and you can reach them whenever you struggle with a serious problem. Yet, having enough information about the condition you are dealing with is important to make the best decision. It’s highly recommended to learn about the most common dental emergencies and their treatments to manage these unexpected situations in the best way possible. Continue to read this blog to learn about the most common dental emergencies!

Soft Tissue Damage

A dental emergency may involve soft tissues, including the tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips. Lacerations, punctures, and tears are common types of injuries for soft tissues that you should be really careful about. This type of dental emergency is also so prevalent among children, and if it happens, you should take your child to an experienced pediatric dentist immediately. Before visiting an emergency dentist, ensure the area is cleaned with warm water and pressure is applied to stop bleeding.

Loose or Knocked-Out Tooth

If you feel your tooth is loose, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit your dentist. In most cases, a loose or knocked-out tooth results from a traumatic experience or hard impact on the face. Your emergency dentist can save the knocked-out tooth if the root is still in place and healthy. In other cases, you would have to opt for a tooth replacement method, such as partial dentures, tooth bridges, or dental implants. You can visit an implant dentist for more information and see whether you are qualified to start the treatment.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

If you keep using your teeth as a tooth or don’t be mindful while playing sports, you may have your tooth chipped or cracked. It’s a common dental emergency that should be immediately treated, usually by a cosmetic crown, to prevent further complications. A chipped or cracked tooth can get infected if left untreated, and root canal therapy or even exaction may be your last option to save your oral health.


Sudden, severe, and persisting pain in your mouth can indicate different problems. Tooth decay, impacted wisdom teeth, or periodontal disease are some common reasons for toothache that should be handled by an emergency dentist. Try to floss your teeth at first to see if something is lodged between your teeth. Your emergency dentist examines your condition carefully and uses X-rays images to find the best treatment according to your condition.

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